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Venus Gintowt, BOD Emeritus, Past-President

Being a member of NAMI NWS is personally very rewarding to me. The courage and camaraderie of our members is very uplifting. I have enjoyed working on the Board as President for 6 years and currently serve as Newsletter Editor and Education Coordinator for the Ending the Silence Program in local Middle and High Schools. This program brings awareness of mental health issues to students so they will have resources to draw on if they or someone they know is experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression or other mental health disorders.

In Memoriam: John Slattery

John Slattery, our most dear friend and long time NAMI Northwest Suburban member, passed away suddenly in mid August 2017. For decades John helped many families with loved ones who struggled with mental illness. John served as our accountant since the 80's as well as our NAMI NWS Board Treasurer for the last 8 years.

Those of us who were lucky to know John share common memories of his warmth and depth of caring for friends at NAMI. He was always ready to lend a hand. His quiet, eloquent and good humored way made all around him feel comfortable and accepted for who they are. His impeccable volunteer work for NAMI  both as accountant and treasurer helped our affiliate run smoothly as he took care of all the financial details that can at times weigh down an organization without his particular expertise.

John’s personal way of living was reflected in the large lettered wall hanging that one saw as they entered his home - “Keep Calm and Carry On”. Yes, we will do that in memory of him, though we will miss him greatly.