Meet Our Board Members!

Joy Klos, President

I joined NAMI NWS a few years ago and have been serving on the Board since Jan. 2014. I’ve met wonderful people in the organization, as has my adult son who lives with mental illness. I’d like to make life better for everyone touched by mental illness; that’s why I’m assisting with fund raising and the “Fun-At-One” recreation group.

Lou & Shirley Guagenti, Treasurer

Elected to the Board in January 2015 and members of NAMI Northwest Suburban since 2007, we are grateful for the love and support that is always here. There are so many stories to share and a helping hand is always near. We have raised four children, one of whom suffers from schizoaffective disorder. We are proud to say that with the help and support of NAMI through education and advocacy, ALL our kids are doing well and are amazing. As a Board member we hope to give back to help someone who may need a little extra support just like NAMI did for us.

Barbara Hamilton, Secretary

I have been privileged to be serving as Board Secretary for over two years now. My son and I have received much support by being involved with NAMI, and the understanding and acceptance we have felt has been wonderful. We have enjoyed the Fun at One activities, and all the other opportunities to get to know people who are so courageously dealing with their challenges.

Ari Doulas

Joined NAMI several years ago;   Appointed to NAMI NWS Board in summer of 2017.   Would like to contribute by helping out with specific areas, such as the NAMI Northwest website.    As a family we have received plenty support throughout the years, met wonderful people, and were given many opportunities to overcome daily challenges & always hoping for a better future.

Lorri Grainawi

Newly elected in 2019, Lorri Grainawi became a NAMI member in 2012 when her son was diagnosed with schizophrenia. She became a board member of the Housing Task Force in 2015.   NAMI has been a huge help to myself and my family. I initially called NAMI to find out more about what was happening with my son and everyone was so kind, caring and helpful. They suggested I take the 12 week family to family class which was the best thing I could have done. It not only taught me more about mental illness, but helped me to empathize with my son.  I want to work on teaching others about mental illness, particularly before they realize they need the information. I became certified to teach the Ending the Silence program in schools and would like to teach parents and teachers, also. In addition to teaching about mental illness and reducing stigma, increasing supportive housing, I want to work to increase legislation to help those with mental illness and their families.

Cathy Morrow

Cathy has been a long time member of NAMI who brings a lot of personal experience to the Board.